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Superior Strength, Legendary Performance; Less Than 50 Total Actions Available! NEVER AGAIN
Almost 6 long years ago was the last time Remington could offer you a chance at owning the perfect platform for your custom rifle build. Now, through an exclusive contract with Remington Arms Co., we again bring you the only available lot of Model 700 receivers to be released from the factory. And, our supply is limited!
Why The 700 Action?
It's simple. For nearly 50 years, the legendary 700 has been the flagship of commercial rifle actions, providing incomparable strength, proven reliability, superior accuracy, plus the popularity to support the largest aftermarket rifle parts supply in the industry. From competitive shooting and law enforcement to the wildest reaches of every huntable continent, the 700 has proven itself with match-winning performance and life-saving dependability. It still ranks the number one choice of custom gun makers and discriminating shooters everywhere.
Safari & Outdoor Exclusive! Once They're Gone . . . They're Gone
This is, indeed, a limited supply of less than 50 actions, and will not be cataloged at Safari & Outdoor...or anywhere! We can only offer what we have in stock less than 10 small, short action receivers with .223 bolt face, and less than 50 standard actions with .308 bolt face. We simply cannot guarantee availabilty of these actions at any time in the foreseeable future after this sale. Once sold out, it's back to scrounging the gun shows and searching the Internet for a lucky deal on something used, or pirating the action from a brand new gun. While supplies do last, we'll be your exclusive outlet for the most successful, modern production rifle action ever designed.
Factory-Original, Current Production Of The Highest Quality 
‚ These receivers were received from a current factory production run and meet the latest design specifications and quality control standards at the Remington factory. Each is precision-machined from carbon steel barstock for uniform strength, drilled and tapped for scope bases, then polished and blued to accept your choice of custom barrel and bottom metal (available separately from Brownells). Remington's famously smooth-cycling bolt assembly features two, up-front bolt lugs for tight lockup and reliable pressure retention, plus traditional 2-panel checkering on the bolt handle. With barrel installed and chambered, the recessed bolt face encloses the cartridge head in three rings of steel for exceptional strength, a snug cartridge fit, and precise alignment with the bore. A rivetless, circlip-type extractor provides positive case extraction. And, the heavy-duty, spring-loaded, plunger ejector clears the action quickly and reliably. But that's not all...each action is equipped with Remington's new, state-of-the-art, X-Mark Pro trigger for improved trigger pull and easy adjustment. The easy-to-reach, two-position thumb safety has been made more robust, engages quietly to prevent game-spooking, and allows unloading while in the œsafe position.
SPECS: Receiver/Bolt - Carbon steel, blued finish. 11„16'-16 tpi thread. Bolt not equipped with Integrated Security System (ISS). X-Mark Pro Trigger - Steel, electroless nickel plated finish. Includes trigger lock and owner's manual. DOES NOT include receiver plug screws, recoil lug, triggerguard, triggerguard screws, and magazine components. Standard Short Action accepts .308 Win. family of cartridges with .473' (12.01mm) diameter case head. Small Short Action fits .223 Rem. family of cartridges with .378' (9.60mm) diameter case head