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Gregor Woods is one of the writers for Magnum, a South African hunting magazine. While this book is not written in the same style as John Taylor's great classic "African Rifles & Cartridges" it still covers much the same ground and brings the material on the topic of African rifles and ammunition up to date. (The book was published in 2003).

The discussion of terminal ballistics, in two sections, "Bullet Design and Construction & Ballistics and `Killing Power" is one of the best I have ever read. These two sections in the book alone are worth the price of this entire book. Woods first discusses in detail "premium bullets" which weren't around in 1948 when John Taylor wrote his book "African Rifles & Cartridges." Woods correctly points out that if "premium bullets", like we have today, were around in the 1920s or earlier the advice, passed down, from professional hunters and sportsman from that era would be much different.