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This is a great map of Africa to hang in your office or home to remind you of your past safaris or to help you plan new ones. It is, by far, the best one we have yet found. Artist Penny Meakin, a superb wildlife painter, has depicted in great detail one hundred big-game animals, which can be found along the outline of the continent. In addition, the map includes all countries, international borders, major cities, rivers, main geographical features, and major game reserves for each African country. It also illustrates the spoor of the major game species of Africa.

This is a revised version of our well-known and very popular 'Map of Africa'. We have included a new series of 100 larger mammals beautifully illustrated by penny meakin. This is a wonderful addition to your trophy room or home. Size: 72 x 96 cm (28 x 38 inches)