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This is a story of change, one that has come to a land designed by God to be among his finest creations, and a paradise for both man and the wildlife that shares the wild spaces...this is Sunset On Botswana

This film takes the viewer on an epic journey into Botswana, the land of giants. Professional hunters and leading voices for conservation through hunting, Ivan Carter and Johan Calitz, team up to chronicle the glorious past and uncertain future of this wildlife paradise. The film`s storyline is driven by breathtaking elephant footage as the last of Botswana`s giant bulls are tracked, hunted, taken, and celebrated. This film features exciting hunts for 7 trophy bulls. Breathtaking HD footage including historic archival film is blended together as this film records the last ticks of the hunting clock, truly the Sunset On Botswana. No film ever produced makes a stronger case for regulated sport hunting and its positive impact on the game, land, and people. This film is a must for the safari enthusiast. Approximate Run Time 1 hour 20 minutes