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Kids can pretend they are on an African safari with the Schleich Lion Animals Scenery Pack. These figurines are hand-painted and crafted with the utmost detail to make the animals look just like the real thing. The animals in this Schleich scenery pack are made with non-toxic inks that are created from vegetable-based materials, so they are safe for kids to play with. This set comes with a lion, a lioness and a lion cub to represent a whole family. Kids are sure to have fun using their imaginations as they play with these lion figurines. They can use them at home and create a whole scene for the animals. Kids can even bring these lion figurines on-the-go with them in the car, so they have something to play with on longer rides.

Hand-painted and crafted with unsurpassed detail Most naturalistic and realistic representation Schleich scenery pack is produced with non-toxic, vegetable-based inks Includes the Lion, Lioness and Lion cub figurines