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Our "Sharpening School in a Box" takes you through the essentials of our sharpening school. The sharpening school video is professionally photographed and edited, you can watch straight through or use the menu to jump directly to any of the 22 chapters. Sharpening School in a Box also includes a set of annotated notes from our sharpening school, a copy of our How to Start Your Own Knife Sharpening Business booklet, and a copy of our book Sharpening Made Easy.

You should read this book before you buy another sharpening gadget. It will teach you all about knife sharpening - how to select a sharpening system and how to sharpen a knife to a razor edge. There is also information about abrasives, knife steels, sharpening theory, honing & stropping, electric sharpening machines, using steels; and how to sharpen other cutlery - vegetable peelers, axes, chisels, plane irons and other common tools. Illustrated with over 80 new photographs and drawings.