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Much has been documented about the reloading of ammunition. The basic procedure of ammunition assembly has been thoroughly examined and optimised by the equipment manufacturers in the United States.

There are a lot of article and technical tips on how to achieve the optimum load for you weapon. Rheinmetall Denel Munition has a slightly different approach and philosophy and provides the shooter with fundamental principles and facts about the acceleration of a projectile down a tube-typical of all such weapons. The controlled explosion occurring in a typical metallic cartridge is a dynamic even of the most powerful magnitude conceivable within a fraction of a second. Both these parameters should be within the constraint of current affordable material technologies. The magnitude (pressure/energies) and duration (time) of these parameters are quite beyond human comprehension as it so far removed from our normal frame of reference. As the magnitude of the comprehensible to human living in a ˜slow' world, it has resulted in many misconceptions about ballistics. Humans, used to a slow or static world, often fail to understand what really happens inside o tube weapon; these actions take place in the ˜unseen' or ˜fast' world, as we prefer to call it. The manual want to help the shooter/ reloader understand these actions by providing him/ her with the fundamental facts. This will give him/ her knowledge to come to his/ her own logical conclusions as to why certain procedures must be followed as well as the resultant cause and effect. The book is aimed to present information in a simple and non-scientific format and give the shooter the proper respect and appreciation for the controlled and violent nature of tube weapon ballistics.