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This guide for young explorers combines scientific fact, fascinating tidbits, brilliant full-colour photography and sensitive illustrations to bring a wonderful variety of ocean creatures vibrantly to life.

Children will enjoy poring over the colourful pages as they: * read about marine habitats like sandy beaches, rocky shores, estuaries, coral reefs and kelp forests * discover plant and animal groups, including molluscs, crustaceans, coastal birds, mammals and reptiles, among others * learn to identify important species from each group, using picture field-guides * study the helpful holiday guides to find out what sea life to look out for along the shore \2013 from Walvis Bay to Mozambique * find out why the ocean is vital to us, how it may be harmed by human activities and some of the ways in which we can help * learn about the valuable work that marine scientists do. This introduction to the habitats, plants and creatures of the southern African shores is a celebration of ocean life that is sure to become a favourite with beachcombers of all ages"--Provided by publisher.