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In 1995 I conducted my safaris in one of Tanzania's most remote and beautiful regions called Mlele. Located along the northeast boundary of Katavi National Park, Mlele holds a wealth of game including great maned lion, heavy leopard and truly big buffalo. My son, Shawn was with me that year and together we were remarkably successful in finding lifetime trophys for each of our clients. You will see Allen Day and Doug Hart shoot two of the nicest buffalo ever taken on film. A bit later, Allen collects a monster leopard that weighs nearly 180 pounds. Not to be outdone, Russ Brice takes a huge leopard and Doug...maybe the best maned lion of my career!

Rounding off the season in spectacular fashion is a hunt to the death from a charging Cape buffalo. Longtime friends, Doug Hart and Russ Brice, join Shawn and me for what becomes a hunt to-the-death on a charging Cape buffalo!. Russ' first shot was well-placed, but the bull runs off. Taking up the blood trail, it is not long before Shawn spots the bull in thick bush. As we close the distance the bull charges! There is nothing so grand as to witness a bull's charge to the death. The four of us stand our ground as the enraged beast closes down on us. With double rifles held at the ready, we all fire. This is riveting footage; replayed in slow-motion so you can see every detail. This is hunting at it's best!