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Sun Over The Dark Continent (Collectors)

The author went on his first African trip in 1953 when he hunted in Tanganyika with PH Clary Palmer-Wilson. Bazzy was a lucky man and a good hunter, and on that trip he shot a lesser kudu that still ranks today in the top five in the record book. Once he acquired a taste of Africa, he decided to make a living in the hunting industry. To that end, he started taking clients to Africa, and, at the same time he became an apprentice PH. He took numerous trips to East Africa in those early days, bagging most of the Big Five, before trying out the hunting fields of Sudan. There he met the greats of the hunting industry including Tony Sanchez, Angelo Dacey, and Franz Coupe. Bazzy hunted in Botswana with PH John Kingsley-Heath when it just opened as well as in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Ethiopia. In these and other countries he found many adventures and a few darn-good trophies (including a huge mountain nyala) and, of course, the many other things that Africa tends to provide the international hunter: lost or stolen luggage, problems with flights and connections, dysfunctional governments, rebels, bandits, poachers, and more. Chuck Bazzy has been one lucky hunter to have experienced some of the best big-game hunting Africa has had to offer over the past five decades.