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The Swarovski cleaning kit is available in a practical belt pouch and includes moist cleaning cloths, a cleaning brush, cleaning fluid, and a microfiber cloth. Ideal for cleaning all kinds of lenses.


Keep your views clear when dust and dirt kicks up. Look to Swarovski Optik for a compact kit that has everything you need to keep sensitive optical surfaces clean:

  • Cleaning brush
  • Moist cleaning cloths
  • Washable microfiber lens cloth
  • Liquid cleaner
  • Soft belt pouch
The Cleaning Kit from Swarovski includes everything needed to keep any optic clean; a bottle of lens cleaner, a cleaning brush, one microfiber cloth, 10 sealed moist wipes in foil pouches, printed instructions and a soft bag with a belt loop to carry them all.

The Swarovski green, lipstick-style, cleaning brush is imprinted with the Swarovski logo. The zippered bag is also Swarovski green with a metal Swarovski eagle attached to the front flap.

For a quick clean, first remove obvious dust and dirt with the brush. Then, with one of the moist wipes, use a circular motion from the inner part of the lens to the outer rim. For a thorough cleaning, again first remove obvious dust and dirt with the brush, but then place a few drops of lens cleaner on the microfiber cloth. Use a circular motion from the inner part of the lens to the outer rim and dry the lens with the dry part of the cloth. Don't forget to wash the microfiber cloth regularly.

This is the essential kit for keeping any optical device clean, either at the base or in the field.