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Anno Hecker arrived in Tanzania in 1955, fell in love with Africa, and decided to stay. He applied for a job with the tsetse department as a field officer, served as a tsetse control officer and an honorary game warden, and taught at the Game Warden Training Centre, College of African Wildlife Management. In the 1980s, when a friend wounded an elephant, he asked his professional hunter, a Masai, whether he would allow Anno to finish off the wounded beast

The Masai readily handed over his .458 FN Mauser for the coup de grâce. As Anno was about to enter the thicket, Mfupa, an old, illiterate tracker asked if he could guide Anno, an offer Anno kindly declined as he preferred to go alone on probably the last elephant hunt of his life. Mfupa, with a respectful look in his eyes, remarked in Kiswahili, “Ah! This one is still one of the old hunters from very long ago.” These words meant more to Anno than all the record-book trophies and big tusks he had accrued in the decades he had spent in Africa. Today Anno is again in Germany, but his heart remains in Africa.