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Hunters Video



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There is no doubt that African buffalo-hunting movies are among the most popular DVDs we sell. And we are always on the lookout for another to add to our collection of bovine adventures. This film was shot over a period of 1½ years by Poul Erik Madsen who followed professional hunter Rainer Josch on multiple Cape buffalo hunts in Tanzania. It is an excellently filmed, narrated, and executed production. Safari Press customers will recognize Josch's name as the producer of the mountain buffalo DVD; this footage, however, is filmed on the plains of northwestern Tanzania.

It shows six well-captured buffalo hunts that took place just after the small rainy season when everything is green. The buffalo are hunted on foot, not from the vehicle, and the film exudes the essence of a mano a mano confrontation between untamed nature and the modern hunter. You'll see real stalking, real hunting, and good trophies; all in all, this is an enjoyable movie. Some bulls are tracked, others are spotted, but in all cases there is excitement when the hunters close in on Syncerus caffer caffer-in one case the hunters confront a buffalo that is a mere ten yards away. It amazes us time and time again how some buffalo will drop on the first shot while the next will not drop even if hit by several well-placed shots from a large caliber such as a 416 Weatherby. Buffalo being buffalo, the unexpected must be anticipated time and time again.