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Bunny Allen arrived in Kenya in 1927 with a desire to become a professional white hunter--what he became was a legend. Frank M. 'Bunny' Allen came from a long line of English gypsies who poached stags and pheasants from wherever they roamed in the English countryside--even from the royal preserves of Windsor Forest.

The young, personable, and charismatic Bunny Allen with his trademark earring followed his two brothers out to East Africa , and soon after arriving he had the great good fortune to meet up with Donald Ker of Ker & Downey Safaris, who gave him work as a professional hunter. In the early years he met and hunted with many illustrious hunters such as Denys Finch Hatton and Karen Blixen, and during that time, Bunny met two Africans who taught him everything they knew: Tabei Arap Tilmet, who worked with Bunny until they retired; and Kikunya, who had been a gunbearer to Ralph Medcalfe, the nephew of Walter Bell of elephant fame. When Bunny retired, Tabei moved his family to Lamu Island to be with Bunny; Tabei died in 1983.

Bunny made his reputation as an elephant hunter and as an outfitter to Hollywood's stars and moguls like John Ford. Bunny was the professional hunter hired for such movies as Mogambo, starring Ava Gardner, Clark Gable, and Grace Kelly. Bunny published two previous books, First Wheel (containing stories from 1927 to 1947) and Second Wheel (recollections of the heyday of East Africa). The Wheel of Life is his third complete book, and it contains some of Bunny's best stories never before published, as well as a highlights from the previous two books to set the stage for his later exploits. Bunny, together with his sons Anton and David, took out some of the most glamorous hunters ever to set foot in Africa, and The Wheel of Life tells it all.

It can be safely argued that nowhere in Africa has there ever been a more interesting and colorful father-and-son team of PH hunters, and the pages of this book will sizzle under your fingertips. There are many sexually explicit stories in this latest volume, for Bunny was the ultimate ladies' man and known for his courtly manner and luck with women.