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Rowland Ward



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Shatzko has had his share excitement while hunting. The following is a passage in his book on his polar bear hunt in the Arctic when the ice floe he was camped on broke loose. "In the morning, with the last wisps of the windstorm dying, Frankie got out of the tent first. 'You guys need to come see this.' There was certain urgency in his voice that had all of us scrambling out of the tent.

At first, I didn't comprehend what I was seeing. The hump of land that had been a mile away last night looked as if it was more like ten miles away this morning. We all walked out toward what used be the pressure ridge. We were looking at open water. The ice, eight feet thick, had broken cleanly away. We stood on a shear ice cliff, staring at the raging Arctic water eight feet below. Our camp had broken away and had become a makeshift boat. It was being smashed with all the ocean's considerable fury