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Being able to cook the perfect steak is the mark of a braai-master. Weber’s Steak is a straightforward guide to cooking a variety of steak cuts, from man-sized porterhouse and t-bone to sirloin, rump, flank, skirt, hanger and kebabs.

Master griller, Jamie Purviance’s recipes are simple to follow and take the guesswork out of braaiing steak. If the thought of a Rib-eye with Chipotle Butter, Porterhouse with Béarnaise Sauce, Philly-style Steak Sandwich, or Kebabs with Cherry Tomatoes fi res up your appetite, then this is the book for you. Handy tips offer advice where it is needed, and the short introduction covers how to choose your steak, prepare a charcoal or gas fire, and what basic equipment you need. Includes a table of cooking times for a variety of steak cuts and vegetables.